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We provide convenient, reliable, and quality landscaping & lawn care services

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Local Lawn Care & Landscaping Services

We are a full service lawn care and landscaping business. If you have a need relating to your lawn we can handle it. We provide the best craftsmanship in everything we do. No job is too big or small for us. Look below for our list of services.

Landscaping Services

Our Lawn Care & Landscaping Services Include:

  • Lawn Care
  • Landscaping Designs
  • Mulching
  • River Rock Beds
  • 5 Step Fertilization Program
  • Sod Installation
  • Seeding
  • Tree and Shrub Trimming
  • Tree Removal
  • Brush Hogging and Clearing
  • Ornamental Pest Management
  • Snow removal & salting
  • Patios
  • Outdoor Pavers, Patios, and Hardscapes
  • Raised Gardens and Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Flower Beds
  • Pest Control and Spraying


We plug aerate your lawn with professional grade equipment to provide more oxygen to your soil and lawn. Aeration opens up pockets for nutrients and oxygen to "feed" and help your lawn get the nutrients, water, and oxygen it needs to thrive! Notice what a big difference it will make after our first application.


Dethatching removes dead "thatch" or grass that has made it past the top layer and lays dead and dormant in your lawn. By removing thatch, it creates breathing space in your turf and allows the new grass to grow taller, stronger, and receive more sunlight, water, and nutrients. We remove the thatch and then mow, blow, or vacuum it out to provide breathing space for your lawn!


Why overseed if you already have a green lawn? Your green lawn may not be tall fescue -it may be crabgrass or other weeds. Overseeding gives your lawn a replenish of fresh grass seed (depending on your choice, it's mostly tall fescue or annual rye mix). We offer seed options - from "starter" to "estate quality". We work with your budget to make sure you don't kill your bank account after you kill your weeds!

Chemical weed control

For dire measures, a late summer application, or even a spot treatment - we offer a chemical weed control option to compliment your other services. Removing English Ivy that is choking your tree, treating a fence line that is hard to weed eat, or spraying your beautiful lawn to get the clover out - we have the solution!

5 Step Fertilization Program

Opal Services offer a 5 step fertilization program that will make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.

  • Step 1
    We apply a fertilizer that feeds your grass and provides a herbicide (pre-emergent) weed control. We apply it in early Spring (late March, early April) while your grass is growing to let it blossom while the unfavorable weeds get knocked down!
  • Step 2
    We apply a fertilizer application that will control weeds that sneaked past our first application such as Crabgrass and Clover. This feeds your lawn as well as tames the stronger weeds that may have made it past the first round!
  • pest_controlStep 3
    Our third, early to mid-summer application (usually around our favorite holiday of 4th of July) has an encapsulated pesticide that reduces the chance that grub worms, mosquitoes, and other small unfavorable insects are crawling in your grass. This feeds your grass while helping alleviate these pests!
  • Step 4
    Around early Fall, Labor Day, we apply a slow release fall feeding to provide great color for your existing grass. We always recommend overseeding and aeration, where we apply a starter fertilizer to let the new grass blossom and take over the lawn!
  • grassStep 5
    Around Thanksgiving holiday, or late Fall, we recommend our last step of fertilization that incorporates a winterizing mix to make your grass hibernate and blossom in the Spring.